Vegetation Management Auditing Your Company Can Count On

If you’re relying on your contract tree crews to perform vegetation management auditing and safety auditing themselves … you’re probably wasting money.

Unfortunately, without accountability, there really isn’t a way to know if you’re getting what you’re paying for. That’s where we step in. Our vegetation management post-auditing is the independent accountability your utility needs to make sure the job is done — and done right.

Our team begins their vegetation management auditing as soon as the job is completed. ĵֱ arborists patrol the circuit again — inspecting each work unit and evaluating clearance, pruning cuts, hazards, cleanup, safety, herbicide application, and ensuring overall compliance with the work plan. Any work not completed to specification is resubmitted to the tree crews. Post-auditing is a simple technique with a profound effect and one you can’t afford to leave out of your UVM program.

We also offer comprehensive safety auditing. Our safety auditing addresses quality, clearance, or compliance. It mitigates incidents and accidents, adhering to safety rules and practices of the utility as part of compliance.

Don’t take the risk of leaving mistakes unattended or a job unfinished. Our utility foresters specialize in post-auditing for utility and maintenance crews so you’ll be sure nothing is left behind, and the job is done safely.

ĵֱ always has been, and always will be, about one thing: people. It’s about our employees, our customers, and the communities our customers serve. We engage the best people to foster resiliency, environmental stewardship, compliance, stakeholder partnerships, and safer communities. We’re the only independent national vegetation management consulting firm — giving us the freedom to put our clients first. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.

Our organization felt confident in the return on that investment in the form of reduced injuries, less downtime and fewer claims. We also know that our employees saw and felt the benefit, and we received positive feedback after the initiative was complete.

Les Day, Safety DirectorMountain F. Enterprises