In Your Neighborhood

If you see ĵֱ personnel or vehicles in your neighborhood, we’re working with your utility provider to ensure safety and ongoing service. We understand that there is always cause for concern when you see a new provider on your streets or near your home, but our team is assessing vegetation around utility services to help sustain service. Our work is about maintaining reliable service and minimal outages to your entire community.

what we are doing

What We Are Doing

Our work is about ensuring reliable service and minimal outages to your entire community. Vegetation growth near power lines can create serious risk, particularly when high winds or lightning hit. Because of this, we provide key consulting and field data to utility companies on how to proactively manage vegetation.

keeping you safe

Keeping You Safe

We understand that there is always concern when someone is on your property or in your neighborhood, and our well-trained team is doing their best to assess threats that vegetation poses to power lines.



Have more questions about who ĵֱ is and what we’re doing in your neighborhood? We’ll be happy to answer them to the best of our ability.

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See how our Research, Science, and Innovation (RSI) team is helping utilities nationwide take their environmental stewardship efforts to the next level.


Our team is trained to assess vegetation management on behalf of your utility provider. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.