At ĵֱ, we have decades of success implementing successful vegetation management services and strategies. We work in a variety of industries, but our core principles remain the same in everything we do: We put safety first, always. Beyond that, we put people above all else; that’s our employees, our customers, and the communities they serve.

utility vegetation management

Utility Vegetation Management

We’re the only independent national vegetation management consulting firm, meaning we have the ability and objectivity to put you first. At our core, UVM for utilities is what makes us tick, and we offer a range of services built for you. We offer a variety of UVM services ranging from a system assessment all the way through total management of your program.

pipeline vegetation management

Pipeline Vegetation Management

The safety and maintenance of your pipeline is mission critical to your business. We also know that when it comes to understanding what vegetation will interfere with your pipeline — both today and in the future — is a task that you don’t want to take on alone. From stemmed plants that can cause issues above ground, to deep-rooted plants that can dig in underneath a pipeline, our consultants provide a complete approach to vegetation management.

roadside vegetation management

DOT-Highway Vegetation Management

Hazards on the roadway can be created by a number of vegetation issues specific to your region, and our well-trained team takes into account considerations about the long-term return of inventory and what a sustainable IVM is for your climate conditions.

railroad vegetation management

Railroad Vegetation Management

We can work on an IVM approach for your tracks, acting as an extra set of eyes for you. Our consulting team offers services that take into account the specific vegetation challenges of your region, the tracks’ location to neighborhoods, and what is required to keep your tracks functional after a big storm.


We offer vegetation management services created for your industry. Our well-trained team is ready to help your UVM efforts.