Consulting Forestry

Consulting Forestry

Better Management of Your Property

The safe and productive management of your land is a challenge that requires an understanding of sustainable forestry, local laws, and the marketplace for different forest products. This is a mix of skills that requires a truly specialized education, which is what we provide our consulting foresters at ĵֱ.

Our foresters are trained and credentialed to identify activities you can do to maintain the health of your land while also protecting you from potential hazards. Their expertise provides you a roadmap to a healthier, more sustainable forest. At ĵֱ, our consulting foresters are professionals who listen to you and understand your project needs. If you want to alter the land, you need to be aware of how a small change can have a big effect on the water, landforms, and wildlife located within your acreage.

Before you do anything with a property, it’s important to understand what challenges you are working with so you can fully assess every option at your disposal. At ĵֱ, we work with businesses and private landowners with as little as 50 acres of land to provide the information you need to create sustainable vegetation management plans.

Our foresters will examine the environmental impact that your management plans will have to create a solution that will mitigate disruption to wildlife habitats, the land, or stream beds. Whether you want to expand on your worth and sell the available timber, or cultivate better wildlife for a profitable hunting season, our foresters have the expertise in timber appraisal and the information to help you get where you need to be. Our additional capabilities include growth yield modeling, coordination of rehabilitation post timber harvest, and management activity to comply with federal requirements and the respective forest practice rules as applicable. You can trust our team to get the job done effectively, and we can step in wherever you don’t have resources to push projects toward the finish line.

ĵֱ always has been, and always will be, about one thing: people. It’s about our employees, our customers, and the communities our customers serve. We engage the best people to foster resiliency, environmental stewardship, compliance, stakeholder partnerships, and safer communities. We’re the only independent national vegetation management consulting firm — giving us the freedom to put our clients first. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients reduce costs and improve reliability.

Our organization felt confident in the return on that investment in the form of reduced injuries, less downtime and fewer claims. We also know that our employees saw and felt the benefit, and we received positive feedback after the initiative was complete.

Les Day, Safety DirectorMountain F. Enterprises